We thank you for considering giving us a gift to celebrate our wedding and start to our lives together…

Living in East Africa we try to keep our physical possessions to a minimum, so please send all gifts via Paypal to davidlross1@gmail.com using “sending to a friend” option.

We know that even still people like to send physical gifts, here’s a metaphorical-ish list of possible gift ideas that we would be overjoyed to receive.

  • Chai pi – Mixing Jewish tradition and mathematical nerdiness “Chai pi” could be 18 multiplied by 3.1415926535 and so on which would be about 56.5486677646 and so on

  • Employment – We’re living in Rwanda and for perspective, the closest metric to average earning per person per year is $797.86 USD or less than $4/day, or $66.41/month. We both have businesses and would be happy to employ people to help us with our work or home lives.

  • Goats! – On our first time hanging out together, we went to the Goat Races in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the next day went for our first date to the Waterfront restaurant and ate some goat meat. If/when you come visit us in Rwanda we love cooking slow roasted braised goat leg with David’s special tree tomato sauce. A whole goat live is about $40 USD whereas prepared and cut up into legs costs about $25 USD per leg.
  • Cows! – Cows in Rwanda are seen in this culture as things of beauty. An average complete cow is about $500 USD and apparently the most beautiful cow in the province would be about $750 USD. Here’s a video about beautiful Rwandan cows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8NQOouk3TY – whole or fractional cows are possible.

Videos – if money is tight and/or for whatever reason you’re not able to sort out the Paypal thing or instead of a physical card we’d absolutely love love love for a heartfelt video message ideally of you doing something silly, distinctive, and/or unique about yourself. That sort of stuff is priceless . 🙂

Thank you for considering us with your generous gifts!


David and Elke